Power line carrier device (PLC) compatible with STE-N II device made by SELTA company in italy with HTE N-II brand with POF type communication link (to communicate with TPS):
* Rated supply voltage 48 volts direct
* Modular structure
* Performance based on advanced DSP processor operability in analog mode and digital mode
* Dedicated software to make settings
* The ability to establish 1 to 4 analog communication channels(voice+data) with a maximum output power of 40watt PEP


* BBPU card to provide LF services (up to 4 cards_ 4channels)
* DPU card(CPU) 
* Communication card with CMU-ADV user
* 20watt amplifire card(AMP)
* 150watt power supply card
* Communication card with teleprotection TPU_POF
* Send and receive TXF and RXF filter
* Subrack 19 inches